Cheat sheet! A comparative guide, in time for the debate

When is the next GOP debate?  TONIGHT.  (I have no idea what time or what channel because I’m stuck in England and will be watching it after the fact on Youtube.  The sad, sorry expat life.) This is especially exciting because we’ll probably have a new round of drop-outs after.  I’ve got to start reading faster.

From the books that I’ve read so far, though, I know that my perspective on the candidates going into this third debate has changed drastically.  Some stand out, some don’t, and all for different reasons.  There are things I’d like to hear more about, and things that frankly I think we should give up on.  Sometimes the candidate’s trail persona had matched their book persona, and sometimes not.

Here’s the quick-and-dirty, cheat-sheet guide to the candidates’ books so far.  This is a very surface-level comparison: sometimes I want to say, well, kind of, but this is not the time.  I’ve covered which candidates cover which issues in their books (guess who’s the only one so far to discuss the NSA, gender, infrastructure, or Ronald Reagan), some general manuscript choices, the people they name-check, and how they match up on the issues I’ve been covering here–do they mention ‘COURAGE,’ for example, or do they quote their own past speeches and writings.

Red is a GOP candidate, blue is a Democrat (for all you English folks).  I will update it as I keep reading or as I think of new things that ought to be compared.  I’m very serious, if there’s anything else that you’d like to know, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below or by dropping me an email–as this has been a totally arbitrary, subjective project, it’s a totally arbitrary, subjective list of comparisons.  Keep me on the straight and narrow, please.

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