Elsewhere on the wide internet…

Hello again, from the new year!  We’re returning to our regularly scheduled programming this weekend with a review of Mike Huckabee’s book God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy, but in the mean time, a few things:

First, I’ve written a column for Kentucky Today with some insights from the project so far, so check that out here!  I talk about how the books are a good microcosm of the difficulties actual campaigns face, in trying to meet expectations but still be original and come across as something (someone?) real.  I make little secret of the fact that Rand Paul is one of the candidates I respect most (oh, and my mom lives in Lexington), so I’m really excited about this on a lot of levels.

Second, the 5-Sentence Reviews page has been updated with Huckabee and Ted Cruz–who I’ll also be reviewing for real soon.  I’m working through some more of the comparative chart, too, so updates on that.  Marco Rubio’s American Dreams arrived a few days ago, and Donald J Trump’s Crippled America is en route to get here soon too.

More soon, and in the meantime, do head over to Kentucky Today and tell me what I got right and wrong.

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